Fluffed Vision

OK, so this isn’t your regular blog.

I started Fluffed Vision as a virtual notepad.  The aim of the site initially was to just jot down my code snippets and recipes that I liked as a place to store them all, more than anything.  Over the last 6 months my page views have gone from dozens to hundreds and now thousands, so I thought it high time I paid a little more attention to the way I am writing, and to make the blogs more of a tutorial for each thing I’m doing, rather than just a scrappy piece of notepaper.

Today I’ve added a brand new theme and actually thrown a few images around here and there to brighten the place up a bit, as it was starting to look a bit like a dog’s dinner.

If you think it’s gone a bit OTT and want the old rubbish site back, then please let me know.

So what’s on here content wise?

Well, to be honest, it’s still the same old junk.  Code snippets, recipes and anything else that I want to write down.  I’m a coder by trade, an amateur cook by night and I sprinkle in a little piano playing when I get 10 minutes each day.  Basically, this isn’t a niche site that I am hoping will make me my fortune, I’m just grateful for the few coins received each month that help to pay for the hosting fees.

If you do find anything within useful, cool.

Comments are always welcome because it will undoubtedly teach me something I don’t know already, and undoubtedly show me a better way of doing what I was doing in the first place.

Just to stave off some of the emails I’ve already recived asking this question, no, the logo isn’t me, but it does look a bit like me 🙂

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