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Turn off the predictive text on CAT B25 and B30 Mobile Phones


This post is one of my random entries, but after seeing somebody struggling to turn off the predictive text on a CAT B30 mobile phone, I had a look into how to do it.  The CAT B25/30 phones are great rugged little phones if you want something basic. However, the predictive text on them is utterly useless.

It can be turned off, but for some reason, they neglect to put it in their instruction manuals.

To turn off predictive text, press and hold the # key before you start typing.  Doing so will bring up a little menu that includes:

  • EN – English predictive
  • Abc – Normal keyed entry with capitalised sentences
  • abc – As above but without the capitalisation
  • 123 – Numerical entry

There are a few more, but the above four are the important ones.

cat-b30-mobile-phone CATB25-Mobile Phone

Link to the phones on the CAT website HERE


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